Explore motion and forces with this hands-on activity. Build a CD Rocket Engine Car. This kit will provide you with the unusual or recycled supplies needed. You supply the common items like glue, paper or scissors and let the fun begin!

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Arizona Learning Standards: Grade: 5, Physical Science Concept 2: Motion and Forces, understand the relationship between force and motion. PO 1. Describe the following forces: Gravity and Friction PO 2. Describe the various effects forces can have on an object (e.g., cause motion, halt motion, change direction of motion.
Supplies Needed For this: 1 (5 by 10 inch) used poster board 4 used CDs 1 (9 inch) balloon 4 CD Spider hubs 2 short straws or one 10 inch or longer straw 2 Lollipop sticks 1 Plastic tube Clear shipping tape Blue painters tape (One inch wide) Ruler, scissors, pencil