Membership Details

Membership Details

Proof of Affiliation

Upon your first visit to Treasures 4 Teachers please provide proof of verification that you qualify to become a member. We accept a teacher badge, contract, letter of intent, letter from the Principal on official letterhead, business card, or name and position listed on a business webpage. For any other documents not listed please contact Treasures 4 Teachers at 480-751-1122.


For a nominal $35.00 per year, less than $3.00 a month, you can have access to a huge selection of classroom materials from low cost to absolutely free. You will find everything from books, office supplies, school supplies to binders and magazines. In addition, your membership includes free use of our die cut center and monthly giveaways. Most teachers say that they covered the cost of their membership on their first visit because of the value of materials they were able to walk away with for free and at very low cost.


Renewal memberships are $35.00. The membership form needs to be completed even if you have completed one the first time you joined. This is to keep our records up to date and to ensure that all of your information is correct in our system.

Auto Renewals

All memberships paid through our website will be enrolled in our auto renewal program for convenience. Auto renewal will occur on the 1 year anniversary of the sign-up date. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime by going to “my account”, “subscriptions” and “unsubscribe”. Subscriptions must be cancelled prior to your 1 year anniversary sign-up date to avoid auto renewal.