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Treasures 4 Teachers is not only a unique store for teachers, but also a place of support and inspiration for those in our community who have dedicated their lives to educating children — the future of our country. We hope that when teachers walk into Treasures 4 Teachers and see the variety of products on our shelves, they realize it is because hundreds of businesses and volunteers in Arizona value and care about their work.

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Benefits of Membership

Save time: Our facilities have a wide variety of unique and useful materials you might spend days or weeks trying to find. From plastic caps and bubble wrap to pens, pencils, and office supplies, T4T has items to make your job easier and more rewarding.

Save money: For only $35 per year our members can access to our store and huge warehouse. There they can fill a huge, reusable bag with all the material it can hold for only $5 and shop in the free section. On average, the retail value of these materials exceeds $75…but more importantly, by obtaining these unique learning tools through T4T, our members are helping to save the environment!

Engage students: These are not just egg or milk cartons! From pre-k students to high school graduates, these materials will challenge, enlighten, and stimulate your students’ imagination and creativity, as well as their intellects. What’s more, educators can provide each child with their own materials instead of relying on shared resources. This reinforces the critical “hands-on” aspect of learning.

Provide training: Our staff consists of early-childhood educators, experienced professional trainers…ready to give you the tools and knowledge you need…whether through a full-day conference or training at our facility.

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