About Us

Mission Statement

“Treasures 4 Teachers provides free and low cost supplies to teachers from community reusable resources.”

Why we exist

On average, every year teachers in America spend $500 to $1,200 out of their own salaries on school supplies for their students, sometimes even as much as $4,000. Students cannot learn and become productive members of society without the basic essentials for learning, such as paper, pencils and other basic school supplies.

  • In Arizona, over half of all K-8 students cannot afford lunch, much less basic educational tools and supplies.
  • Students cannot succeed when they lack the basic tools for learning.
  • Our school systems have shifted the burden of providing supplies to teachers.
  • On average, Arizona schools budget less than .5 cents per student daily for supplies.
  • Businesses have huge amounts of unwanted and surplus supplies that often end up in a landfill that teachers could desperately use.

Our Solution

Treasures 4 Teachers bridges the gap between the great need of teachers and resources available in the business community.

A Win/Win for Everyone

  • Teachers have the tools to teach students
  • Students receive the supplies they need, improving their attendance, self-esteem, and academic performance
  • Businesses divert tons of excess products from our landfills